Call for Papers: Addressing Bias and Reducing Discrimination in Health Professions Learning Environments

Deadline: April 8, 2020

Call for Papers for Special Journal Supplement

 The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation invites submissions of original research papers and case studies related to the topic of Addressing Bias and Reducing Discrimination in Health Professions Learning Environments for possible publication in a special supplement of Academic Medicine

Deadline for submissionApril 8, 2020

Word limit: 1800 – 4,000

Submit draft papers to:

For more information, contact: Yasmine Legendre

The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation and the journal Academic Medicine are collaborating around a special journal supplement on the topic of achieving equity in health professions learning environments—to be published in October 2020. We invite you to submit original research papers and case studies for possible inclusion in the supplement.

Successful submissions will describe research, curricula, programs, policies, etc. that could help to achieve the following vision for the future of our health professions learning environments:

To improve health and health care for all, we must achieve equity in our health professions learning environments. This means that everyone who works, learns, or receives care within these environments treats each other with fairness and respect at all times. Achieving belonging in health professions learning environments requires that all faculty/clinicians, their students and residents, together with staff, researchers, administrators, executives, and governing board members within our health professions schools and health care delivery organizations are accountable for effectively addressing bias, discrimination, and exclusion whenever and wherever they occur in teaching, learning, and patient care.

Several papers and case studies on the topic of “Addressing Bias and Reducing Discrimination in Health Professions Learning Environments” were previously commissioned by the Foundation for an upcoming conference and will be published in the supplement. But, the creation of equity and the reduction of bias and discrimination in health professions learning environments is a nascent area for research that we want to support and encourage; therefore, we are opening up this publication opportunity to additional submissions.

Below are titles of some of the papers that are already slated for inclusion in the supplement:

  • More than words: A vision to reduce bias and discrimination in the health professions learning environment
  • Addressing patient bias and discrimination against clinicians of diverse backgrounds
  • Acting wisely: Toward eliminating negative bias in medical education
  • Medical education’s wicked problem: Achieving equity in assessment for medical learners
  • Case studies from Morehouse School of Medicine, University of Cincinnati College of Nursing, and Washington University St. Louis School of Medicine

Selection for inclusion in the special supplement will be based on the quality of the submission as well as its relevance to the topic area.