CALL FOR PAPERS: Closing the Gaps in Sexual and Gender Minority Health Research

LGBT Health

CALL FOR PAPERS: Addressing Critical Gaps in Sexual and Gender Minority Health Research

LGBT Health is the premier peer-reviewed journal dedicated to promoting optimal health and health care for all sexual and gender minority (SGM) persons worldwide. The Journal focuses specifically on health while maintaining sufficient breadth to address policy, legislative, educational, and training issues relevant to health care provision and health outcomes. The Journal aims to advance an intersectional understanding of the health needs particular to each SGM population and to improve access to and delivery of affirming clinically and culturally competent health care.

We are seeking novel, high-quality original research articles and systematic reviews and meta-analyses that address gaps in critical areas of SGM health research, including the following:

  • Best clinical practices for conditions of particular relevance to one or more SGM populations
  • Health impacts of gender-affirming care including, but not limited to, gender-affirming endocrine and surgical care
  • Optimal primary care for SGM individuals
  • Health benefits of sexual orientation and gender identity disclosure and data collection
  • Minority stress, mental health, and health risk behaviors 
  • Tailored prevention and treatment interventions for substance abuse 
  • Cancer screening and prevention in SGM populations
  • Physical health and chronic conditions disparities 
  • Health equity and social determinants of health 
  • Impact of LGBT policies and services on health and wellbeing
  • Intersections of race, ethnicity, nativity, gender, and sexual orientation in health
  • Health care discrimination, health care access, and health outcomes among SGM populations
  • Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias among older SGM adults
  • Health care needs of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated SGM individuals

Priority will be given to articles that advance research in these areas and have implications for reducing health disparities and improving clinical practice, access to care, and health outcomes. We welcome articles that address SGM health in the U.S. and all other regions of the world.

All additional information for submission can be found in our Instructions for Authors.

Our mission statement, publications to date, and instructions for authors can be found on our website. We look forward to your submissions.