Addressing all facets of patients: HMS advances sex and gender medicine with new elective

November 18, 2021
A photo of the sun behind Gordon Hall on HMS's campus

Those at HMS entrusted with providing a world-class education to the next generation of doctors and biomedical researchers know that they must continually scrutinize and evolve the School's medical curriculum. That includes ensuring that graduates have the knowledge and training to provide expert care to people who belong to groups often underserved by the profession.

A new elective achieves this goal twice over, taking the unusual step of integrating women’s health with LGBTQ health to offer students a four-week intensive on sex- and gender-informed medicine. The course covers how the range of human sexes, genders, and sexual orientations affect health, health care, and health policy as well as how to conduct and critique biomedical research related to sex and gender.

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