These LGBTQ and Ally faculty, staff, and trainees are available to Harvard Medical School students for mentoring and advice as you navigate medical school and your future career as a doctor and/or researcher.

If you would like to be added to the HMS OutList, please fill out this form.

Any questions about this list: EJ Jarvie, Curriculum Development Coordinator for the Sexual and Gender Minority Health Equity Initiative. 

OutList stats as of January 19, 2021:

Total LGBTQ and Allies = 300

Gender Identity (multiple choices included):

  • Women = 48%
  • Men = 43%
  • Nonbinary/Transgender/Genderfluid = 9%

Underrepresented in Medicine (URiM) = 15%

Asian/Asian-American = 15%

Those doing LGBTQ clinical care = 35%

Those doing LGBTQ research = 17%

Those doing LGBTQ advocacy = 51%