Jacob Anderson

Jacob Anderson


Program: HMS Pathways 
Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Undergrad: University of Texas at Austin
Degree(s): BS in Chemistry, BA Latin American Studies
Interests: Primary care, Latinx health, healthcare policy, health disparities, addiction
IRL: Cooking, trumpet, Selena, drag, dancing, turtles, dachshunds, politics

A headshot of William Butler

William Butler


Program: HMS Pathways 
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Undergrad: University of Virginia 
Degree(s): BA in Neuroscience 
Interests: Health disparities, LGBTQ+ health, pediatrics, addiction medicine, dermatology, EHR innovations
IRL: Biking, outdoor sports, podcasts, drag queens, public transit


Carlos Dos Santos

LAHMS Co-Chair

Program: MD Pathways
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela/Miami, FL
Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania
Degrees: BA in Comparative Literature & Cultural Theory, BA in Biology
Interests: Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Palliative Care, narrative medicine theory, critical theory philosophy
IRL: reading, writing, concerts, exploring city night life

A headshot of John Ernandez

John Ernandez


Program: Pathways MD
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Undergrad: Boston University
Degree: BA Chemistry
Interests: Urology, Gastroenterology, health policy, narrative medicine
IRL: Electric guitar, hiking, alternative music, travel

Aliya Feroe

Aliya Feroe

Program: HMS Pathways
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Undergrad: Bowdoin College
Degree(s): BA in Biology and Sociology
Interests: Maternal and fetal medicine, women's health, health disparities
IRL: Running, biking, craft breweries, Crimson Care Collaborative clinician, OB/GYN Interest Group leader
A headshot of Nicolas Freeman

Nicolas Freeman

LAHMS Co-Chair

Program: HMS Pathways
Hometown: Ashburn, VA
Undergrad: Princeton University
Degrees: AB in Molecular Biology, minor in Creative Writing
Interests: Surgery, LGBTQIA+ health, Latinx health
IRL: writing poetry, baking, hiking, and playing video games


Colby Hyland


Program: HMS Pathways
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Undergrad: Princeton University
Degree(s): AB in Molecular Biology, Minor in Dance
Interests: Surgery, outcomes research, value-based care, LGBTQ+ medicine
IRL: Contemporary dance, geography/nature, cooking, swimming


Casey Orozco-Poore

Program: HMS Pathways
Undergrad: Brown University
Degree: ScB in Neurobiology
Interests: health disparities, LGBTQ health, Latinx health, neuropsychiatry, global health, LGBTQIA+ and Central American advocacy
IRL: Spoken word poetry, gender and sexuality curricular reform, plastic surgery clinical research, astrology memes, biking, global and local travel, hiking, farmer’s markets, contemporary art museums

Angela Perfetti


Program: HMS Pathways, MD-PhD
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania
Degree(s): BA Modern Middle Eastern Studies, MSc Medical Anthropology
Interests: Anthropology, Psychiatry, Internal medicine/Anesthesiology, technology & subjectivity, LGBTQ health
IRL: Poetry and creative writing, soccer, running, live music, biking to new places, dogs

A headshot of Jordan Said

Jordan Taylor Said

Program: HMS Pathways
Hometown: Hobbs, NM
Undergrad: University of California, Berkeley
Degree(s): BA Molecular and Cell Biology
Interests: Dermatology, Rheumatology, LGBTQ+ Advocacy, Medical Education
IRL: Saxophone, Music Theory/Composition, Photography, Long-distance Running

Edgar Garcia Saiz


Program: HMS Pathways
Hometown: Miami, FL
Undergrad: Harvard College
Degrees: Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology
Interests: Health disparities, psychiatry, internal medicine, LGBTQ+ health, Latinx health 
IRL: board games, running, dancing


Grant Schleifer

Program: HMS Pathways
Hometown: Edmond, OK
Undergrad: Emory University
Degrees: BS in Biology and Religion; MPH in Behavioral Sciences and Health Education
Interests: Emergency medicine, healthcare policy, health disparities, LGBTQ+ medicine
IRL: Cooking, British literature, cats, mentoring, running marathons, Madonna
A headshot of Alexis Smith

Alexis Smith


Program: HMS Pathways 
Hometown: Dexter, MO
Undergrad: Vanderbilt University 
Degree(s): BA in Neuroscience 
Interests: pediatrics, healthcare policy, preventative medicine, ending diet culture 
IRL: Music, podcasts, Olympic Weightlifting, Crossfit, writing